Converting Expenses to Revenues

Atomy’s goal is to help households to convert their expenses into income, and to develop a global business, whether part-time, full-time, or working from home.

Atomy’s vision is to propose all things people buy for their daily needs through Atomy. Atomy provide high quality products at the affordable price, as much  as possible. If you have tried Atomy’s products and like them, then sharing comes naturally. 

When you share Atomy products with your friends, family, co-workers, etc., you have the opportunity to earn extra income for you and your family, now and possibly for generations to come.

Become a professional consumer and get paid for it

Simply by changing the basic necessities you use every day, you can save and even earn money. With Atomy, each product sold has a value in points, also called PV.

For example, the purchase of “Evening Care 4 Set” gives you 13,000 PV.

Members collect point values (PVs) with each purchase, which can be used to receive a refund from the company. To be eligible for commissions, you only need to accumulate 10,000 personal PVs, or about $30 in products. For that you need to have Atomy Account

  • Your Atomy ID is worldwide! (see the list of countries where you can obtain Atomy products) Atomy will continue to expand into new countries each year. You can recommend anywhere in any of the open countries and place it in your consumer group.
  • When you buy Atomy products, you collect personal PVs that are never reset!
  • When your members purchase Atomy products, you collect group PV from the consumer groups in your right and left branch.
  • The purchase of ALL your members determines your commission. Levels are unlimited, regardless of nationality, direct and indirect referencesL’achat de TOUS vos membres détermine votre commission.

How does Atomy's commission system work?

Here is how you can earn money with atomy membership

  • General Commissions
  • Master’s degree bonus
  • Master promotions and incentives (products, laptop, travel, cash, cars, office, driver, expense account)
  • Open Education Center (6% of the total PV of the centers)Voici comment vous pouvez gagner de l’argent 

How is Atomy's general commission calculated?

44% of all PV sales will be distributed among qualified members, each week, according to rates. Each member must first accumulate at least 10,000 PV to be eligible to accumulate downstream PV. The general commission is calculated daily and paid weekly.

How is the master's degree bonus distributed?

20%of all PV sales will be distributed according to each level of mastership.


The master’s bonus will be paid every 7 days after the points accumulation period.

Point accumulation period: 1st – to the 15th and from the 16th – to the end of the month.


Bonus for each level of mastership


In addition to monthly income, Atomy offers a unique promotion and incentives for mastership:

Promotionincentives for mastership
sale masterHemoHIM (1 set),
1 set of Atomy skincare atomy 6
1 set of Atomy evening care 
Diamond masterlaptop ou tablet,
1 set of Atomy skincare 6 
1 set of Atomy evening care  
Shraron Rose master2 000 $ cash
2 travel tickets 
Star Master10 000 $ cash 
4 travel tickets 
Royal Master50 000 $ cash 
2 000 $ cash per month for sponsoring activities 
car rental fees,
4 travel tickets (10 nights et 11 days)
Crown Master300 000 $ cash,
5 000 $ per month for sponsoring activities
a luxury car,
4 travel tickets (10 nights et 11 days)
Imperial Master1 million $ cash,
10 000 $ per mont for sponsoring activies ,
a luxury car ,
an office of 1700 m² with personal assistant, 
1 driver,
4 travel tickets (10 nights et 11 days)  

trcar rental fees

Monthly income generated by each member of Atomy

Creation of the Atomy training center

4.6% of the total PV of a center is paid to the center concerned to cover operating costs.
WHAT IS AN ATOMY TRAINING CENTER? It is a training center managed by a qualified center director for networking and educational purposes. As a member of Atomy, you can open an educational center. To do so, you need an authorization from the company.
The center director is paid 6% PV of affiliate member sales. The center director must manage
the education center according to the rules set by the company.